Leaning Into the Light

2023 October 21. Leaning Into the Light, Stephen Levine. The late Stephen Levine was a spiritual teacher and writer. Many of us have read and re-read “A Gradual Awakening,” “Who Dies?,”Healing into Life and Death,” and others. His article “Leaning Toward the Light,” picks up familiar spiritual themes. To paraphrase Levine: “I find myself using the term “God” and am comfortable with that term because I don’t have the foggiest idea what it means.” What else are we to call that spiritual stirring that tugs at our hearts when we look into the eyes of a baby or study any living thing up close? Is that thing we call “God” a constant in our lives or is it something we long for and seek, even as we question its existence? UUs are often called a community of seekers but are we ever finders? Why is all this important? Facilitator: Judy Robbins.